Welcome to my website. I am honored by your interest in my art.

I was born into a military family and we lived all over the world. Moving is in my blood and I still enjoy seeing new areas and experiencing different cultures. I travel as much as possible, and never without my camera. As my technique is far from professional, many of the photographs I take provide images to draw when I am not working on commissions. The drawing of the sheep was from a picture taken in Australia. I saw the Texaco sign while driving through west Tennessee and the American Indian drawing is from the Crow Pow-Wow in Montana.

I am a happily retired forensic artist and scientist. After thirty years working for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, I was anxious to start a new life in a new place. So I stored my valuables and moved to beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado which is an artist’s paradise. Looking at the mountains every day is my inspiration and the source of much of my daily enjoyment.

Although I have taken some art classes I am not professionally trained in graphite drawing, I continue to grow artistically with every project. I discover something new with each drawing and I am still experimenting with different types of paper and pencils. My goal is to reproduce images so well that one wonders if it is a photograph or a drawing. Although I have tried other mediums, I always come back to graphite and charcoal drawing. I seem to see much the world in degrees of light and shadow, and love the gradation of grays and blacks. Although sometimes scary, I am not afraid to use the darkest pencil in the box (once down on the paper it is often impossible to erase.)

Most of my commission pieces are of family and pets, but I am available to draw other subjects such as homes, landscapes and a still life. Please remember that the degree of detail in the drawing is dependent on the amount of detail in the picture. Photos taken with a cell phone usually do not enlarge well enough to draw, but send them anyways and we can evaluate the potential.

In addition, I am also available for forensic composite work. I was trained through the FBI Forensic Art program and have over 14 years of experience. Beside drawing a face from a witness/victim description, I can also alter facial appearances and age adults. Unfortunately I am unable to age children. I have drawn for private individuals who have lost a loved one at a young age and wonder what they would look like in present time.

Please see my price list for more information and feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

2009 Runner up Australian Cattle Dog Art Contest for ACD Spotlight Magazine
2009 Best in Class, Wilson County Festival Art Contest
2008 Best in Show, Lily Oncology on Canvas, Mixed Media
2007 Best in Show, Wilson County Art Contest